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Coronavirus Mitigation On Hollywood Sets!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Herein I will soon report on safety protocol applications during my current 10 Coronavirus live, in-person California production shoots plus I shall share musings about same.

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Despite being designated as an essential industry by the State, is California too dangerous a place to be shooting live video and film production?

Phillip E. Walker's March 9, 2021 OCP firing due partly to my demand that the employer adhere to California State, Los Angeles County & their own Coronavirus protocols, has made me aware of the serious need for this new Blog. Therefore, the goal herein is to report on each of my employer's COVID-19 mitigation practices:

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Are there practices and philosophies that can strengthen safety on Hollywood Sets?

  1. ORACLE HEALTHCARE Industrial Shoot by Friday's Films ~ 7/6/20

Following the #FilmIndustry traditional way of doing business based on what we have heard, prior to this single afternoon video shoot, I was not even aware that the State of California had issued workplace #Coronavirus protocols. However, with each of us on Set anticipating that the State would soon close down all live film & video #shoots, I am elated to report that this particular #NorthernCalifornia #FridaysFilms production company Top Ten #PhilE Awarded 2020 Best Treatment of a Cast WINNER proved to be so aware of me personally being a member of the World’s most at risk COVID-19 categories, that they made sure that no person on Set ever came within 10 feet of my face. Further, while everybody wore #masks at all times (except us two performers being maskless only while the camera rolled), with me playing this Spot’s Hero, Production even shot my many closeups while applying at least 10 feet of distance. As well, I learned at this gig not to increase my risk of infection by taking advantage of production’s provided talent holding area during the large amount of time that we wait for the crew to become ready to shoot us, but rather hold up in my car. As a result, my original plan to isolate for two weeks after this job’s completion felt unnecessary because even during the drive back and forth from #SouthernCalifornia, I never came within 10 feet of anybody. Therefore, I emerged safe and #COVID free from my first live shoot in the United State that has the World’s largest Coronavirus outbreak!


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