Entry Level Acting in LA 2016

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Written during Phillip E. Walker's first year and a quarter in Southern California, where PhilE was employed in more than 200 initial gigs including the"UpTown Funk" official music video, John Singleton's "Snowfall" on FX-TV and the "Far Cry Primal" video game, this Workbook shows anyone how to do even better than that...without talent agent representation!

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All About Entry Level Acting in LA 2016


As apposed to the traditional instruction that purports to tell one how to jump to the executive level of entertaining, Entry Level Acting in LA 2016 delivers the radical approach of instructing how to actually break into the profession of Tinsel Town performer. This text shuns the old school pay for acting classes while working a day job for more than a decade, failing for most folk approach to Los Angeles talent employment. Rather, by taking advantage of casting changes caused due to the advent of digital photography & the Internet, ELA shows ANYONE how to learn about the Industry by daily working at the bottom of the labor force and being paid, as apposed to paying to learn. Be aware that there is a shortage of talent willing to be employed at the entry level in La La Land. Entry Level Acting in LA 2016 shows one how to take advantage of that fact!


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Phillip E. Walker as "Far Cry Primal" Shaman Tensay

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Traveling Hollywood Actor Jobs WORKSHOP

Lead in person by MFA actor Phillip Walker himself and currently having been scheduled 25 times on 4 continents, this live, interactive, full-time talent employment securing educational session will change career path success for new to LA performers.


SoCal Talent Employment Residency

For a mere $500. fee during Oct. 7 thru 14, 2020 in Southern California, Phil Walker personally leads participants in: a professional head shot photo session; initial registration on 4 Los Angeles casting platforms; an auditioning master class; a talent showcase for producers, talent agents/managers, casting/production directors, etc; a tour of Hollywood audition studios; professional networking at 4 film festivals; and more. With ALL of the above paid through that single fee, participants cover their own affordable travel, room & board costs.


Multiple Your Late Paychecks

Now closing each Hollywood Actor Jobs WORKSHOP session, this California Employee Support short film documentary has 52 screenings in 11 countries on 6 continents plus 6 United States. GettingPaid.us shows our State's workers how to multiple their late sent discharging pay check by as much as 60 times!


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a hands on new talent full-time employment Workbook


  • Overview

  • Casting Networks

  • Central Casting-LA

  • Preparation Study

  • Ground Transportation

  • Housing Solution

  • Climbing Higher Up