God's Gift To Comedians

This Loyola Marymount undergraduate student film is a testament of what kind of enjoyable art can be created when talent and dedication work an IPhone movie shoot. So when you view our Short, we expect you to laugh right along with God.

PHILLIP E. WALKER - God / Producer

Having acted in 50 short films in the past three years, PhilE's Master of Fine Arts terminal acting degree has done him well during the nearly 600 different productions in which he has performed since coming to LA in the fall of 2014. For example, Phillip will soon appear co-starring opposite 5 time OSCAR nominee Amy Adams in her HBO-TV mini-series "Sharp Objects". With shoots in at least one commercial type spot every month since June of 2015, watch for Walker as a principle in the upcoming U.S. Food & Drug Administration promo directed by 5 time Academy Award nominated Darren Aronofsky. Also, among 80 music videos in which Phil has danced and/or acted, you can currently see him in J. Cole's record breaking "ATM". https://IMDb.me/PhillipEWalker

BRITTANY NICOLAY - Comedian Jennifer

TATA WALKER - Writer / Director

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