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History of the Production

LUF PLOT SUMMARY: Starring Phillip E. Walker as Lew and Christie Black as Abbey, in Lew's Up First Lew Telo is ready to buy his first computer ever for his new office. Mac or Windows? He is not sure. So Abbey the computer specialist has all the tech answers. If only Lew knew what she was talking about. This amusing short film pays homage to Abbott & Costello's "Who's On First" famous stand-up comedy routine.

Lew's Up First's New York City World Film Fair 2018 People's Choice Comedy Best Short Film AWARD qualifies it to screen October 11, 2019 at the inaugural Best World Films Fair marketing retreat. LUF will open those Rancho Cucamonga, California USA proceedings by being Up First!

Lew's Up First was shot in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA home of Phillip E. & Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker on its first day. The second day was shot on the main campus (Hollywood) of Los Angeles City College where Producer/Director/Writer André Campbell teaches film. Cricket Peters served the Production as Cinematographer, Tanika Williams Script Supervised on the first day with PhilE doing that work on the second day, plus Scarlett Berronesa and Cheryl Cordial served as Production Assistants.

Phillip E. Walker, the Lew's Up First lead, has been nominated as CV Indie Film Award 2018 BEST ACTOR at


Concluding with Erdan Bell's editing, post production ended for this new comedy on July 24, 2017.

Entertainer.Academy assists 139 West Productions' marketing of Lew's Up First.


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