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Oops! Comedy

Now Appearing On USA Network TV Local Affiliate Stations

Phillip E. Walker Stars in André Campbell's comic film Oops!  It airs Nationwide on Network TV affiliates through September 15, 2019 as the second movie in the African American Short Film Series.
At his fan page PhilE will post each American local TV station airing. So keep in contact to see when this petite motion picture will play in your market and have a laugh on Phillip Walker!



Alison Jones plays the wife in "Oops!"
Contact: Full-Time Hollywood Talent Phillip E. Walker - MFA Actor

Solamonte Theaters, 9200 Miliken Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-8511 USA



"Oops!" Plot Outline

With the Movie having more than 25 Worldwide film festival screenings under its belt, calls the award winning Oops! a "classic battle of wits and guile between a wife and her husband".

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