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Twinkies & Root Beer TRAILER

Faith based organizations, media representatives and entertainment professionals may contact us to view this total short film 

Twinkies And Root Beer INTERVIEW

Interview of 11 year old lead actor Isiah Greene at the October 9, 2017 2nd annual Inland Empire Film Festival World Premiere of the GRAND PRIZE winning Twinkies And Root Beer Top Movie-Comedy in celebration of Indigenous People's Holiday. Also pictured is Xavier Madison who plays JC and Phillip E. Walker who plays Grandpa. Clip is included in The Huffington Post report titled "‘Twinkies & Root Beer’ A Story of Compassion and Kindness" found at

"Twinkies & Root Beer" Entire MOVIE

Organizations who are considering purchasing the KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE may call 1-415-378-0064 and request the password to view herein the entire "Twinkies & Root Beer" Film

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