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Vahan Bedelian's WineGame

Sisyphus Myth Retelling Performed by Holy Grail IFF Best Actor Phillip E. Walker-MFA

Despite COVID-19, since its May 1 First Friday Films Worldwide release Vahan Bedelian’s WineGame movie has gained much success. Now even live screenings are being scheduled with Cibo Corto Cine Festival Internazionale delivering our 2nd Italian weekend appearance in a row at Portopalo di Capo Passero, Sicilia 96010. Click below for admission.


About WineGame

A virtuoso one-man-show performance by one of Hollywood's most prolific talents ~ Monthly Online IFF 2020 Best Sole Performer Phillip E. Walker-MFA

The newly released WineGame movie is Panjim IFF 2020 Best Director and Indus River Cinefest Best Editor Vahan Bedelian's Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television petite motion picture that promises to make one want to watch it again!

Displaying whimsical scenes by multiple award-winning artists, WineGameMovie has already been tabbed for 390+ screenings from 49 selections in 38+ countries on 6 continents including 6 United States plus is honored with 22 Awards among 33 nominations on its way to becoming one of the COVID-19 indie film season’s most talked-about Works as a four (4) time designated 2020 Best Student Film.

Visit this WineGameMovie website often to stay up-to-date on the WineGame progress.

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