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Electronic Press Kit REVIEWS

The Dream of Being Free ~ Islamic Republic of Iran

Sasan Golfar (Iranian Journalist, film critic and filmmaker)

The 100 Films Retreat Festival is much more than a film festival. It’s a platform for filmmakers all around the world to make strong bonds of friendship and cooperation, even if they compete as artists. And to me, filmmaking is all about spreading kindness, compassion, love, peace and friendship all around the world.


The Ledge ~ United States of America

Original 100 Films Retreat GRAND PRIZE Winner

Fantastic experience !!! I loved the personal touches & the high energy displayed throughout this unique endeavor! We on "The Ledge" are honored to be a part of it ! Cheers, Keith Biondi


Better Love ~ Armenia

It was a big pleasure to communicate with Philip! He has a big knowledge how understanding as well about Film. In the meantime he was personal always responsible by every question and easy going even by delaying answers from my side. Thank you for this opportunity to represent BETTER LOVE to more audience!

Better Love 100#1POSTER0.jpg

Rod Sáez Chávez

The Light Blub ~ Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

FUNDACELAC Universidad de Carabobo Venezuela

On behalf of the directors, our general coordinator of the Fundacelac-Universidad de Carabobo film school, Venezuela, the course participants,  and on my own behalf, we want to thank 100 Films Retreat for this magnificent experience, for the official selection from our short film, "The light bulb", and for the physical presentation of the short film, as a world premiere, at this fabulous and very exclusive festival. 

We are happy that our emotional work, a comedy of deep social reflection, is seen by people of high criteria and of absolute immersion in the analysis of the message and technical work.

As the main writer and actor of the short film, I am proud and again, very grateful to you, Dr. Phillip E. Walker-MFA, 100 Films Retreat Founding Curator, for this opportunity.

The Light Bulb 100#1POSTER.jpg
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