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Live & In-Person

All live & in-person attendees are driven to our Retreat facility in the Tesla official luxury vehicle, to be videotaped while alighting to walk the outdoor Red Carpet for arrival at that Festivaling Block's California Wine Tasting RECEPTION. Following which, everyone VIEWS an hour long set of 4 to 5 short films/videos. Each three hour Festivaling Block concludes with professional PHOTOGRAPHY in front of our step-and-repeat backdrop. Very limited FREE admission is available at


As of 5/28/23

We are striving to establish a unique new tradition where First Place Award Winners from previous 100 Films Retreat sessions will be invited to serve as GRAND JUDGES for a subsequent session. Therefore, inaugural GRAND PRIZE Winner The Ledge will be sending its Star Keith Biondi from Chatsworth, California USA to serve as a 100 Films Retreat #2 GRAND JUDGE. As well, the first ever BEST FILM COMMERCIAL Winning production, Films Central Asia's Traces on the Wall, will be sending, all the way from Kyrgyzstan, that short film's Producer Adylbek Tokonov & 1st time Director Asel Abakirova to both serve as 100 Films Retreat #2 GRAND JUDGES in Rancho Cucamonga, California 91739 USA's Victoria Garden's Cove, August 11-16, 2023!

Please reserve your own FREE 100 Films Retreat #4 PASS NOW at!

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