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Below is highlighted select Activities and Locations for the

Entering Hollywood TALENT INTENSIVE 7 Day Residency

Casting Studios Tour

by Appointment

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Online Pre-Registration Before Residency

Pryor to Hollywood Talent Employment Residency Intensive beginning, participants will have been guided into all that is necessary to ensure first time successful live & in-person at location Onboarding registration for this World famous and most important entry level acting employment service.

It's like a union labor hall for talent.


10/8/24 ~ All Day in LA

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Bus To - Walk Thru

Since a most important aspect of successful talent auditioning is being comfortable in one's environment, this RESIDENCY Activity affords participants a physical peek at more then ten (10) casting locations found in the Hollywood area alone.

Participants will take turns actually entering these actively working casting studios!

Indigenous People's Holiday
Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA

World's Short Film Showcasing & Awarding

    Walker Entertainer Academy's 10th annual short film marketing retreat explores with the productions' attending marketing representative, ideas for increased success in this often neglected aspect of independent filmmaking.

    Four international films will be explored during breakfast, four Southern California films will be explored during the Inland Empire luncheon and four African Diaspora films will be explored during dinner.

    Some Hollywood Talent Employment Residency Intensive participants will be wise enough to have submitted their under 15 minutes in length production before the Sept. 30, 2024 deadline via, in order to witness their own work presented as one of the few films screening during the RESIDENCY'S short film marketing retreats.

    Hollywood-style Red-Carpet photos & interviews will be part of the activities, so all RESIDENCY Participants should come packed to dress to impress.

    2nd Annual Relaxed Inland Empire Event
    October 11-13, 2024
    Temeku Cinemas

    Temecula, CA USA

    Community Based Film Festival

    As PhilE anticipates having his two newest short films screen at this gathering, he will spend this last weekend networking with independent filmmakers herein. Participants who are not shooting that weekend are welcome to join him.

    You might even want to submit your film therein for screening at

    10/3-16/2019 ~ Anytime!

    You Won't Be Able To Handle It All!

    Participants who seriously follow their pre-SoCal arrival instruction will surely result be invited to record self-tape Media Requests and maybe even a live & in-person October 2024 Southern California audition. That is because only in LA is there such an abundance of performing jobs that, when one Tenaciously self submits in a Timely manor via Casting Networks, Central Casting, IMDb Pro and more, one's biggest problem will become potential opportunity conflicts.

    All participants will be assured of having at least the one Entertainer.Academy audition on October 8th in Hollywood plus the October 10th Rancho Cucamonga, CA call-back on the morning before rhat day's Hollywood Actor Jobs SHOOT.

    On Camera Commercial
    Auditioning Class
    10/9/24 ~ 7:00pm

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    Taking The Room!

    As one of the most lucrative areas of entry level performing in LA is commercial work, in this the only formal class of the RESIDENCY, specific tried & true auditioning techniques will be taught and practiced by participants including the magic of "taking the audition room".

    Self-Tape audition techniques will also be explored.

    Phillip E. Walker has used the techniques that will be shared herein to break into this very competitive area of The Business. So far, Phil's result from this education is him booking at least one commercial, industrial and/or promo gig every month since June of 2015 including two Screen Actors Guild National Commercials, one of which launching durin the 95th OSCARS.

    10/7/24 ~ 7:00pm

    Currently Negotiating for a

    Great Audition Service

    Hollywood Talent Employment Residency Intensive Participants will have an exclusive opportunity to perform their one (1) minute monologue in front of at least one currently successful Hollywood Production Director, Talent Agent, Casting Director, Talent Manager and more.

    Auditioners might also select Participants with whom they want to briefly interview during the RESIDENCY.



    Little Used World-Class

    Public Transportation System 

    One of the few ways to avoid "dancing" in LaLaLand'est traffic jams is to act like one is in a major metropolitan city by using public transportation.

    The LA Metro Trip Planner at makes it ease for most RESIDENCY Activities to be approached through this transportation system.

    We'll save the driving for late getting home from work Participants!

    Financing Your LA Stay
    10/16/20 8:00am

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    Revolutionary Labor Income Multiplier 

    Learn to legally multiply your talent pay check ten, twenty, thirty fold!

    On the morning that Participants check out of the Residency facility, Mr. Walker serves as your personal consultant on following the advice shared in the screening of his Worldwide awarded Hollywood Employee Documentary Film

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    Gettin' Paid
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