STATION (SFS) click and submit to monetize your short film to receive up to 40% of Column Space Google Ads revenue paid from the public's no cost viewing of films

African American Film Channel (AAFC) click to submit for distribution of any under 30 minute short film that has screened in any of the World's Black Film Festivals


INTERNATIONAL BLACK SHORT FILM COMPETITION & MARKETING RETREAT is now accepting submissions for screening at the inaugural BlackMovieFest desert retreat during the Indigenous People's Holiday Weekend (10/6/18) in the Solamonte Theaters, 9200 Milliken Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 USA 

Inland Empire Film Festival (IEFF)

INLAND EMPIRE SHORT FILMS Top Movies in each of four (4) categories plus any Director's Choice IEFF screening short films qualify to be offered distribution 

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