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Having had its World Premiere May 20-21, 2017 at Vietnam's inaugural Saigon Underground Festival and the next day having been Officially Released Worldwide at the 70th Festival de Cannes 2017 Short Film Corner, in Darkroom an overbearing father finds his teenage son has transformed the basement of their New York townhouse into an amateur darkroom. There the boy develops gruesome and voyeuristic images from his late-night crime scene photography.

Last spring seen opposite Dan Stevens as a Marvel-TV co-star in episode #207 of "Legion", the 2017 Academy Awards show opened with Justin Timberlake flanked by dancers busting #Do The Philip moves created in Darkroom father Phillip E. Walker’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling” official music video florist principal dancer performance. www.DoThePhilip.com

The Song is OSCAR & MTV Music Video Award nominated, GRAMMY Awarded, PEOPLE’S CHOICE Favorite Song winning, iHEART Radio Song of the Year, etc. awarded. www.DanceReel.info

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Darkroom Star's Commercial running in Heinkinen 0.0 commercial launch campaign

Darkroom won the 2016 Most IMPORTANT Production of the 3rd annual www.PhilEAwards.com 

Darkroom dad Phillip E. Walker shot again with "La La Land" OSCAR winning cinematographer Linus Sandgren. This time their hour long filming was in solo close-up for the "Heineken 0.0 | Ode to Openness | Open to All" Russian & European market product launch commercial campaign. PhilE is the ping pong playing athlete.


With performances in fifty (50) short films under his belt, Darkroom producer and star, Phil Walker will soon appear opposite Arrival’s five (5) time OSCAR nominated Amy Adams in his first ever HBO-TV co-starring role for the "Sharp Objects". He was seen last fall as a comic co-star in Adult Swim-TV's "Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories" episode #305.

Further, in January 2017 alone he appeared as an NBC-TV “Ellen DeGeneres Show” Big Sean dancer, guest-starred last Friday the 13th as a Discovery ID-TV “Wives With Knives - Shear Rage” husband and was a Barney The Purple Dinosaur Imposter on episode #207 of ABC-TV's "To Tell The Truth" which is hosted by two time Emmy Award nominee Anthony Anderson.