Darkroom has now reached sixty-four (64) selections with the A Rebel Minded Festival.

This petite motion picture has been awarded 18 accolades.

It has been selected in eighteen (18) countries on six (6) continents plus fifteen (15) United States and counting, as Entertainer.Academy's 3rd most successful movie to date.


The Phillip E. Walker Short Film Acting Retrospective Series launched Saturday, January 20, 2018, 2:30pm in the World famous TCL Chinese Theatre. Hosted by Indie Night Film Festival, the African American Drama Company celebrates it 40th Anniversay by curating this Series.

With Darkroom screening as the first petite movie in the Acting Retrospective, PhilE's The Hip-Hop Kid had its Worldwide Preview on February 24th in celebration of Black History Month 2018, with Twinkies & Root Beer next to screen in the Series on March 17, 2018.


Having screened on five (5) continents during its first quarter year of release, Darkroom was produced, written & directed by California State University-Long Beach undergraduate junior David Schell and stars Lawndon Grant & Phillip E. Walker. Dubbed a Dysfunctional Family Thriller during its Cannes Worldwide Release, the short film was first to be Officially Selected to screen at the 2017 Inland Empire Film Festival. Press Release at:

In addition to LVBFF Actors Showdown competitor Phillip E. Walker playing the Darkroom father, he is the lead actor in multiple short films including: the newly released, and


MFA full-time professional Hollywood actor Phillip E. Walker has launched his monthly "Black Film Festival Reports" blog. The first gathering fully Reported upon was April's Las Vegas Black Film Festival. Reports are currently due about Black participation at: 70th Festival de Cannes 2017 Short Film Corner and Cayman Islands International Film Festival. This week PhilE will collect information for a Report on the National Black Theatre Festival Film Fest. Further, That New Publishing Company has ordered Reports on: Inland Empire of California's inaugural Black Underground FilmFest~October; Gary International Black Film Festival~November; Hollywood's Indie Night~December; NDIZI Film Festival in Kenya~January; Sundance Film Festival~February; LA's Pan African Film & Arts Festival or Hollywood's Black Film Festival~March; etc. SUBSCRIBE at:


Walker Entertainer Academy has announced the new Streaming Film Station (SFS) which will soon monetize short films with film makers paid up to 70% of SFS Google Ad revenue.

The Station will include


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"Darkroom Movie First Time Ever ONLINE Viewing"