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Inaugural INDIGENOUS PEOPLE FEST Submissions Open

OPENED October 8, 2018

The World's independently produced under 31 minute in length indigenous short films are now being solicited for screening at a low submission fee. Submit NOW at https://filmfreeway.com/indigenous.

On October 8, 2018 in California's City of Rancho Cucamonga CENTRAL PARK Lewis Community Center short films BY, ABOUT, FOR, WITH and/or NEAR to the World's Indigenous People were screened. Ramona - this too will pass won the audience voted GRAND PRIZE plus E.A's The Hip-Hop Kid was viewed by the largest croud ever for a E.A film fest.

As all humans are Indigenous to some land on Earth, we annually showcase diverse stories of original peoples.

This fourth and last day of E.A's annual competition and film maker marketing desert retreat will be THE spot in 2019 to help replace the U. S. Columbus Holiday with a more appropriate celebration.


With the World Film Fair planning to also screen Indigenous films in New York City during next year's October 14, 2019 celebration, we encourage you to join us in Rancho Cucamonga or New York City.


An international organization is being solicited to also screen indigenous films on the

October 12, 2020 Holiday!



The World's independently produced under 16 minutes in length Black short films will be solicited for screening with no cost submission fees at https://FilmFreeway.com/BlackMovieFest.

Born from 2017's wildly successful Black Underground FilmFest, BlackMovieFest (one word) http://BlackMovieFest.com will launch its annual competition and marketing desert retreat in the public Grand Opening of the Solamonte Movie Theaters, 9200 Milliken Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 USA.


The African American Drama Company celebrates its 41st anniversary by presenting this Black History Month Celebration on February 23, 2019.


click above to submit on

Film Freeway​

click above to submit on

Film Freeway​

Inland Empire Film Festival (IEFF)

Annual Regional Event

COMPLETED Regional under 16 minute short film submissions will be accepted for no cost October 25 through December 31, 2018 at https://FilmFreeway.com/InlandEmpire. Additional info at http://InlandEmpireFilmFestival.com.

On February 23, 2018 this third annual regional short film marketing desert retreat will open the new Solomonte Movie Theaters for no cost pubic admission at 9200 Milliken Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. Please come join us.

Best World Films Fair Highlights Partnership


During the first day of the next Indigenous People Holiday weekend on Friday, October 11, 2019 the Best World Fair Films will screen in a desert film maker marketing retreat at the Solamonte Movie Theaters, 9200 Milliken Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 USA.

Inaugural World Film Fair New York winning films will be invited to send a marketing representative to their Southern California screening and increased marketing discussion. Once those appearances are finalized, COMPLETE film submissions will be accepted from film makers who have previously submitted to a World Film Fair event.

An audience voted GRAND PRIZE will be awarded at Best World Films Fair which will include E.A commiting up to $100.00 to submit the winner to screen at targeted film festivals around thee World.

This Event is one of several aspects making up the new BlackMovieFest / World Film Fair Partnership.



submissions opening after WFF New York award winners are selected

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