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FFF's conversion to an online film festival displays a COVID-19 positive outcome, in that we now deliver an intense and thorough Showcase of a single one of the world's indie short films during each first Friday of every month. PLEASE JOIN US! Sponsors @Injustice

100 Films Retreats


The primary action of this Sponsorship is the airing of a U.N.G. RADIOSTATION Commercial that supplies the World's largest 100 Films Retreat submission fee DISCOUNT.

Hosted by Johnnie Mae Greene, this community based Talk Show airs every Tuesday at 6:00pm PST. For a year, the Commercial will play to open every "Injustice" airing.


Click INJUSTICE above to view the Show & Commercial!

Also, please visit this website Friday at 7:00pm to view the new Commercial, prior to the 7:10pm beginning of the May 5th Meetup Discussion.

During the first Friday in May, online FFF attendees can take part in the written Meetup Discussion May 5, 2023 from 7:10 until 8:10pm PST at
First Friday Films.

There filmmakers and video content creators who's works will screen during the inaugural 100 Films Retreat will write about their productions in that month's Meetup Discussion.

The first ever 100 Films Retreat will be held live & in-person in Rancho Cucamonga, California 91739 USA's Victory Garden's Cove,  May 17-21, 2023.
Join the hour long written Discussion anytime during the 7:00pm hour at
The June 2, 2023 FFF Meetup Discussion subject has yet to be determined.

There's still time to submit your film or video for screening therein at
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