FFF's conversion to an online film festival displays a COVID-19 positive outcome, in that we now deliver an intense and thorough Showcase of a one of the world's indie short films during each first Friday of every month. PLEASE JOIN US!
This coming First Friday Films Meetup Session will Showcase the online screening of Host Phillip E. Walker Starring in GOD'S GIFT TO COMEDIANS 8:10pm PST on April 2nd, 2021 with announcement of the FFF Short of the Year voting process announcement as the focus of this month's Meetup Discussion following directly at 8:20pm PST. Click below to join our First-Fridays-Film-Premieres Meetup for FREE access to the 4/2/21 Event.
ETERNALLY CHILD was the previous film to screen in this new online film series.

                     AWARD SELECTION PROCESS

On this Good Friday will be the the voting process for FFFs Short of the Year award voting process announcement. Totally unique in the World's independent film festival industry will be FFF Showcased film maker participation in our Awardee Selection process which gives weight to their FFF Showcase attendance.


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