FFF's conversion to an online film festival displays a COVID-19 positive outcome, in that we now deliver an intense and thorough Showcase of a one of the world's indie short films during each first Friday of every month. PLEASE JOIN US!

                 20Virus21 - How I Beat The Ventilator

On this Friday, FFF will display the YouTube sizzle video that encouraged Entertainer.Academy to produce its first ever Informational Video Series. During the ensuing Meetup Discussion, Director Phillip E. Walker-MFA will lead the Video's Presenters in sculpting the Series' format & content.

View the original Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrmjnthcnBs.

We hope you will join Friday's unique FFF Discussion and help us to sculpt this new 12 episode Series.

20Virus21 - How I Beat The Ventilator
This coming Friday, May 7, 2021 at 8:10pm PST First Friday Films presents the sizzle reel premiere of Antwain Walker's new Testimonial Video Series interview by Danielle Walker
At 8:25pm, directly follow this screening will be a Series Director lead Meetup Discussion with the Series' Presenters and attending FFF May Participants.
The AWARDS SELECTION PROCESS was announced at the last FFF.