FFF's conversion to an online film festival displays a COVID-19 positive outcome, in that we now deliver an intense and thorough Showcase of a one of the world's indie short films during each first Friday of every month. PLEASE JOIN US!

                       Inland Empire Films Promo

On Aug. 6th, First Friday Films will present a sneak preview of this 10 Award winner from 4 continents, IEF commercial video.

We hope you will join Friday's unique FFF Discussion and movie screening that opens this month.

Inland Empire Films Promo
Announcing the launch of the Inland Empire Films shorts streaming film channel, on August 6, 2021 at 8:10pm PST First Friday Films presents Brian Vermeire's HOT Inland Empire Films Promo video.
Directly following the screening will be a 8:20pm Meetup Discussion about this Promo and the Industry professional services available from Brian's shops.

33rd Amendment was Showcased at the last FFF.
Inland Empire Films Promo