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Below are films that screened on Friday, June 7, 2019

Music Video Reel Poster 8
"MUSIC VIDEO REEL - Phillip E. Walker" ~ 7:00pm

Inland Empire based actor's promotional music demo reel

Eat and Run
Eat and Run by Raj Rao ~ 7:15pm

An exercise comedy from the Inland Empire

Wash Me Please Facebook Poster
Wash Me Please by Ali Nikfar ~ 7:30pm

A revolutionary documentary from Iran

Hardface oster 1
Video Play Link Image
Hardface by Mark Hood ~ 7:45pm

A feature length boxing movie from Ohio

Video Play Link Image by Phillip E. Walker ~ 9:15pm

An employee support documentary from Rancho Cucamonga

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"I want to get involved with the immediate community at our Complex, meet people and see movies"

Lory Jimenez - Solamonte Resident & California State Employee

"I come for the Networking and to see movies"

Daniel Wyland - Romanian Film Maker now living in the Inland Empire

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