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INFO on The Hip-Hop Kid

It is most appropriate that this WORLD PREMIERE takes place in New York City, the birthplace of Hip-Hop. Therefore, at noon on Saturday, May 5, 2018 in Theater B of the Dwyer Cultural Center, 258 St. Nicholas Ave., NY, NY 10027 the 13th annual HARLEM International Film Festival presents The Hip-Hop Kid.


This screening follows the Short's February 24, 2018 TCL Chinese 6 Theatre Local Preview for the @IndieNightFF.


Then during the rest of 2018, we anticipate a lively World Tour of film festivals in preparation for this 25 minute Movie becoming the subject of Black History Month 2019 celebrations and beyond - including screening in your community we hope!

SYNOPSIS - Old School vs New School

The first bit of history connected to this Short Film is that it was partially shot under the Los Angeles 14th Street Bridge famous film shooting location - which is now defunct. There, Michael Douglas Goodman stars as a young, rambunctious, Hip-Hop hopeful seeking the tutelage of down-and-out old school, Hip-Hop great Kango. That role is played by prolific Hollywood actor Phillip E. Walker, whose character teaches the hungry student about the beginning history of Hip-Hop. Benji, the wanna be rapper, uses his newly acquired education to impress Sunny, an attractive, edgy, female skateboarder played by Salina Marie Carter, who tears the house down at the end of the Movie.

The Hip-Hop Kid COMPANY

Ron Duncan ~ Director, Writer & Producer

Michael Douglas Goodman ~ Benji

Phillip E. Walker ~ Kango & Development Associate

Salina Marie Carter ~ Sunny

Kim Sherrett ~ Mom
Katharine Sherrett ~ Sister

Nelson Estevez ~ Associate Producer

Milan & Marcus Gopal ~ Original Music Score

Eduardo Ramirez Gonzalez ~ Cinematographer

Takahisa Shiraishi ~ Editor

Carlos Flood ~ Sound Design/Audio Effects Editor

Tom Hopper & Eric Miller ~ Production Sound

Entertainer.Academy ~ Associate Producer of Marketing



10/8/18 Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Hip-Hop Kid poster

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