About WEA Short Film Marketing Services

Avoid spending the traditional seven hundred plus dollars in film festival submission fee payments resulting in maybe one selection!

WEA Entertainment & Media Public Relations Agency's unique Short Film Marketing Campaigns GUARANTEE at least: 5 Film Festival Awards among 10 Official Selections, your film's website publishing, weekly social media & industry site posts, the creation and distribution of your short's press kit with Commercial resulting in online Media attention plus in-person participation as part of a LIVE, Hollywood USA region Short Film Marketing RETREAT and more.

At an all inclusive fee that is hundreds of dollars less than the above traditional film festival submission fees budget!

WEA Marketing Service's PILOT program was applied to 1st time film makers Mike Williams & Travis Walker's Pandemic Prospering Part 1. During the last five months Phillip marketed this non-cinematic web series pilot into 12 Awards among 15 Nominations with 29 Selections from 9 Countries on 4 Continents and 9 major Cities plus Spondulics Distribution that includes: AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iTunes, Android TV & Google Play!


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