African American Drama Company

During this its fortieth (40th) anniversary AADC traveled the world presenting live the below workshops


With the printed KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE now being available to Pre-Order at half price by clicking below, Walker is also available personally to travel to your California or Southern Nevada location and lead your community's movie night plus follow-up audience discussion and Role Play KINDNESS ACTIVITIES. Contact us for fees and dates.

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Hollywood Actor Jobs &
Entry Level Acting in LA

Starting with Inland Empire location fees as low as three hundred ($300.00) dollars, HAJ comes to your town to lead attendees into full-time talent employment within three (3) business days of their LA arrival. Including video clips from PhilE's more than two hundred (200+) entry level jobs during his first one & one half years of working in Hollywood, this interactive session is based on Phillip's Entry Level Acting in LA 2016: hands-on, new actor full-time employment workbook.

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Entry Level Acting in LA