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Official Selection

World Film Fair

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8-9-18 Solamonte Outdoor Theater
8-9-18 Solamonte Outdoor Theater

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"Twinkies & Root Beer World Premiere
"Twinkies & Root Beer World Premiere

"T&R" star Isiah Greene watches his Movie for the first time ever

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Official Selection
Official Selection

World Film Fair

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20 Kindness QUESTIONS plus
8 Kindness ROLE PLAYS

Accessible for use by any community group leader, KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE supplies sample QUESTIONS to be posed and ROLE PLAYS to take part in after the gathering reads the below STORY aloud and/or watches the Short Film.

Repeat dosage quarterly and be amazed how the conversation in your community changes!

At only $19.99, this unique GUIDE is an affordable positive development tool that is appropriate for any group.

Multi Award Winning New Kindness MOVIE Included

Having swept the awards at three (3) of its first four (4) film festivals en route to a current 22 Awards and counting, Andre Campbell's "Twinkies & Root Beer" comes at NO COST with your KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE purchase.

The Film stars Isiah Greene and Phillip E. Walker with Xavier Madison & Chiyumba Ossome. Cricket Peters served as Cinematographer and Talatu Oyefeso was a Production Assistant.

In The News
10-26-18 at WFF in
New York City

Directly after the above World Film Fair Twinkies & Root Beer screening, KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDES will be donated to attendees

Audience was Active at #GLCFF Worldwide Premiere 8-4-18

Multiple film makers actively took part in upstate New York at the first ever KINDNESS ACTIVITY session. Attendees were also given a free GUIDE to enable sharing in their own communities.

The world's faith-based community has shared the below STORY for more than a decade
The Twinkies & Root Beer STORY

EPHESIANS 4:32 "Be ye kind one to another . . ."

Kindness takes many forms—a smile, a touch, a compliment, an understanding look, a thoughtful deed.  Regardless how big or how small, an act of genuine kindness usually touches the heart of the recipient deeply.  It’s certainly one of the best and most effective ways a person shows that Christ lives within him.  Here’s a story that demonstrated that.

“A little boy wanted to meet God. He knew it was a long trip to where God lived, so he packed his suitcase with Twinkies and a six-pack of Root Beer and he started his journey.

“When he had gone about three blocks, he met an elderly man. The man was sitting in the park just feeding some pigeons.

“The boy sat down next to him and opened his suitcase. He was about to take a drink from his root beer when he noticed that the man looked hungry, so he offered him a Twinkie.

“The man gratefully accepted it and smiled at the boy. His smile was so pleasant that the boy wanted to see it again, so he offered him a root beer.

“Again, the man smiled at him. The boy was delighted! They sat there all afternoon eating and smiling, but they never said a word.

“As it grew dark, the boy realized how tired he was and he got up to leave, but before he had gone more than a few steps, he turned around, ran back to the man, and gave him a hug. The man gave him his biggest smile ever.

“When the boy opened the door to his own house a short time later, his mother was surprised by the look of joy on his face. She asked him, ‘What did you do today that made you so happy?’

“He replied, ‘I had lunch with God.’ But before his mother could respond, he added, ‘You know what? God’s got the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen!’

“Meanwhile, the elderly man, who was also radiant with joy, returned to his home. His son was stunned by the look of peace on his face and he asked, ‘Dad, what did you do today that made you so happy?’

“He replied, ‘I ate Twinkies in the park with God.’ However, before his son responded, he added, ‘You know, he’s much younger than I expected.’ ”

~Author Unknown

Lord Jesus, let me never underestimate how important simple acts of kindness can be, Help me get so used to doing them that I do them even without thinking about it.  Use them–use me–as a reflection of Your love and goodness to all.

Internet article by Ann Shorb

reprinted by permission
©Copyright Ann Shorb, 2009

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