KA Press Release

Worldwide Premiere in Buffalo, New York, USA
GUIDE Give-A-Way at World Film Fair, New York City, USA

Directly after the 6:00pm Friday, October 26, 2018 World Film Fair (WFF) Twinkies & Root Beer NYC screening , That New Publishing Company will release the Twinkies And Root Beer KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE online at a 50% pre-publishing discount. Additionally (like at its World Premiere), attendees of this NYC film screening will receive a printed copy of the GUIDE at no addition cost save their WFF admission price.

Obtain 6pm Friday 10/26/18 WFF Twinkies & Root Beer Producer's Club 358 W. 44th St., NY, NY 10036 USA TICKETS at ~ http ://BestWorldFilmsFair.com

The GUIDE'S hour long KINDNESS ACTIVITY World Premiere was presented by the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival at 1:00pm, Saturday, August 4, 2018 in the Millennium Hotel, 2040 Walden, Buffalo, NY 14225 USA. Designed as a self contained program for any group leader to administer, this particular Workshop was be lead by Phillip E. Walker himself.

The self contained GUIDE encourages acts of KINDNESS through reading the Twinkies & Root Beer Story aloud to a group and/or viewing the Movie together - at no additional cost. Following that ACTIVITY, the GUIDE encourages further exploration of KINDNESS through your gathering’s leader posing suggested GUIDE Questions plus through that community leader sparking the GUIDE’s suggested Role Plays. These ACTIVITIES are participated in by those attending your event.


At a cost of only nineteen ninety-five ($19.95), former youth development leader and current prolific Hollywood actor Phillip E. Walker’s GUIDE includes the anonymous Twinkies & Root Beer Story plus no additional cost access to Andre Campbell’s Short Film, in addition to eight (8) suggested Role Plays and twenty (20) sample discussion Questions that can be posed to any group who attends your event.


Christian Counseling & Educational Services in Pennsylvania’s Ann Shorb article frames the printed Twinkies & Root Beer Story in the GUIDE.


Having swept the Awards in three (3) of its first four (4) film festivals, to date the Twinkies & Root Beer movie has gone on to win a total of 22 Awards from the likes of: BlackMovieFest, Christian Family Film Festival, Christian Film Festival, Christian Online Film Festival, Inland Empire Film Festival, Inspired Faith Film Festival and Romania’s Short To The Point.


First reported on 10/12/17 by The Huffington Post, this petite motion picture is scheduled to announce its distribution deal while returning home to Rancho Cucamonga to lead the Grand Opening of the Solamonte Movie Theaters on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at sundown.

The KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE is an exclusive edu-tainment product created by Entertainer.Academy.