Program creation work has already been completed

With the original STORY readily available and many earlier versions of the MOVIE also to be found, why not just create your own QUESTIONS  plus ROLE PLAYS and do the programming without the GUIDE? We encourage you to do that homework.

But for those who don't care to do the research themselves. Nor do they have time to engage in the fully thought-out activity construction already completed by one with decades of community development experience, clinically tested with live groups, and consulted upon by professionals, to say nothing about the fact that other films do not give you a fast rising full-time Hollywood talent such as PhilE.

So is that not reason enough to buy NOW and get started on planning delivering the program!?!

Core Content of the GUIDE:

Twenty (20) Sample QUESTIONS

The Professor Comes Out

Decades of serving as a professor at the likes of the University of Illinois-Urbana is just one of the life experiences allowing Walker to construct top level, thought provoking, response encouraging KINDNESS discussion QUESTIONS.

Public Speaker Experience Applied
Having lead public discussions internationally and at least twice in every United State, the author is keenly aware of what helps make a discussion flow. Walker has applied even this experience to the development of his KINDNESS QUESTIONS.

Areas explored in the KINDNESS ACTIVITY sample QUESTIONS include: identifying & practicing kindness, past kind acts & feelings about it, kindness motivation & assistance, kindness toward God & animals plus much, much more!

Eight (8) ROLE PLAY suggestions

Role Playing Professional

Having studied these performance techniques for decades in acting school, currently Phillip's largest ROLE PLAY is as a homeless man in major motion pictures like James Franco's Golden Globe & Critic's Choice award winning "The Disaster Artist", "The Hip-Hop Kid" Black History short film and Phillip's most recent music video release playing the lead role in Skx's "Weekend Superstars". Having acted in 50 short films, next out will be Omar's Wayfinder.

Suggested ROLE PLAYS are drawn from experience

Phillip brings together his more than half century of entertainment experience and nearly as long community development through performance experience to craft the highest level of KINDNESS ACTIVITY ROLE PLAYS!

Areas explored in the KINDNESS ACTIVITY ROLE PLAYS include: bulling, helpfullness, supportiveness, agreeing, encouragement, complementing, being inclusive and more!