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2021 Black


Saturday ~ October 9, 2021
Film Maker Short Film Desert Retreat

Residence Inn by Marriott

9299 Haven Avenue

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 USA

1:00pm Total Sanitizer-DECON Venue Disinfection Services

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12:00pm Solamonte Outdoor Theater 9200 Milliken

 LUNCH ~ Film Industry Marketing Reps Only

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2:30am Public Admitted

3:00pm Hollywood Actor Jobs WORKSHOP

Video taping of virtual workshopwith Hollywood Actress Adilah Barnes and Paul Sinacore-CSA commenting plus select students leading the Q&A

Having won 20 ACTING & 4 DIRECTING Awards this past season alone (including a Hollywood Actor Jobs BEST DIRECTOR nod from Brooklyn International Cinafest and a BEST ACTOR of the YEAR Award from Festival de Indie) pre Pandemic Phillip E. Walker-MFA was one of Hollywood's most prolific performers. Becoming employed as full-time Hollywood talent within days of his 2014 Southern California arrival, PhilE has had 1168 California talent gigs or Worldwide short film on screen appearances during his first 6 SoCal years. His most popular job to date was as the SAG “Do the Philip” Principle Dancer in the official music video of Justin Timberlake’s OSCAR nominated Can Stop The Feeling!.

4:00pm Networking Break

5:00pm Red Carpet PHOTOS & Video INTERVIEWS


Public SCREENINGS of up to 4 Black Short Films

Each followed by the film maker's discussion of their Work's



Realize Your Potential's Pandemic Prospering Part 1 web series pilot with Mike Williams and Travis Walker

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Judged in part by: Adilah BarnesPaul Sinacore

and the Independent-Empire's Pat Trimmer


schedule subject to change


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2022 BlackMovieFest Prizes will Include: A Top Black Movie mated & framed commemorative poster of their Film and genre specific, engraved Medallion award to attendees in each of four Categories. Additionally, Special Guest Judges will select the Indigenous Film Retreats Top Commercial & Top Poster Trophy winners, as well as cast weighted votes for the GRAND PRIZE Audience Award Trophy. (trophies presented live & in-person only to winners in attendance at Monday morning's Indigenous Peoples' Holiday breakfast AWARDS ceremony)
The GRAND PRIZE winner also receives up to $100.00 of Worldwide film festival submissions made by Walker Entertainer Academy. The 2017 winner had a more than fifty (50%) PERCENT Official Selection rate plus won multiple awards at its film festivals which were procured by WEA.
Exclusive, future Monetization & Distribution consideration for all winners

​To be Officially Selected for BlackMovieFest screening, a submitted movie must first prove that it has previously been Officially Selected for screening in at least one other, non-BlackMovieFest Black gathering or prove that the movie has already screened at Hollywood's Indie Night Film Festival, World Film Fair 2018-New York City or 2019-Santa Monica, Four Walled July 2019 Short Film Series or was released worldwide at a live Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner.

Limited to under 16 minute works whose marketing representative attends at least their Film's total screening block, BlackMovieFest Official Selection priority goes to films that use Vimeo code protected screeners on their submission platform.

As well, COVER LETTER listing of the submitted short film's POSTER, IMDb page and under 30 second in length YouTube published COMMERCIAL is required prior to that submission being considered by our Official Selection Committee.

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