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BlackMovieFest 2018

Official Selections

Click below for 2018 Officially Selected movie's commercial, email address, telephone # and website in each category

Twinkies & Root Beer

Aiming to encourage acts of KINDNESS, this community development project opens with the Movie's Star, Isiah Greene, reading the Twinkies & Root Beer story aloud to the audience.

Next comes André Campbell's 23 award winning Twinkies & Root Beer screening. That petite motion picture's most recent award was the World Film Fair's 2018 Best Short Film for its New York City Theatre District screening.

Then the Film's Guest Star, Phillip E. Walker, leads an audience Q&A that will be the Worldwide Release of the 20 sample Questions and 8 Role Play suggestions found in the KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE. Printed copies will given to each audience member at no cost (a $19.95 value).



telephone: 1-415-378-0064 cell



Lew's Up First

Armed with its 2018 Thanksgiving Network TV Premiere on CBS, André Campbell's amusing film pays homage to Abbott & Costello's "Who's On First" famous stand-up comedy routine.

Phillip E. Walker's leading man performance therein won a CV Indie Film Award BEST ACTOR nomination. In addition, this work has been nominated by Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, awarded by Hyart & Cinema Soup Film Festivals plus most recently won the World Film Fair People's Choice Comedy Best Short Film Award.  

In Lew's Up First senior citizen Lew Telo is ready to buy his first computer ever. Abbey (Christie Black), the bubbly young geek salesperson, has all the tech answers. If only Lew knew what she was talking about. This movie explores the generational technical divide in a lighthearted way.


telephone: 1-323-467-2084


The Reckoning Final Poster_edited.jpg
The Reckoning

In order to save his own life, a gangbanger being held hostage must appeal to the empathy of his kidnapper.

Written, Directed & Performed by

Christopher Malcolm Reese 

email ~


telephone ~ 1-310-946-3751


Central Park ~ Big Horn

Goldy S. Lewis Community Center

City of Rancho Cucamonga

2018 BlackMovieFest VENUE


No films qualified for the 2018 BlackMovieFest Family Fare category.

To be presented on October 12, 2019, Phillip E. Walker's HOLLYWOOD ACTOR JOBS workshop/lecture shows how to become full-time employed talent within three business days of one's Los Angeles, CA USA arrival.
Interested in booking a traveling Workshop visit for your aspiring actors? Let's Talk.​
About the Day's Actor Employment Workshop Presentation


With mire than 700+ different acting gigs and/or appearances in his first four and a half (4 1/2) La La Land years, this Session's former SAG-AFTRA member, current full-time professional actor, Entry Level Acting in LA author will lead (during BlackMovieFest) his new talent employment workshop/video clips presentation

Following its Chicago-IL World Premiere, this traveling instruction was selected for presentation twice in Texas, twice in New York City (most recently for the Theatre District's 2018 World Film Fair where Walker was Honored for Achievement in Film and Television, in Honolulu-HI, rural Wyoming, twice in Rancho Cucamonga-CA and for the California Educational Theatre Association 2017 Statewide Conference at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmy's home). In addition to soliciting 2019 presentations at professional, educational and community based organizations Worldwide, HAJ is now in negotiations to make its international debut.

With a free, signed by the author Entry Level Acting in LA CD & download given to each $40.00 paid admission to the BlackMovieFest Workshop (2019 BlackMovieFest film screen credited attendees admitted at no cost), attending performers will appreciate for years to come this revolutionary new SoCal casting opportunities information.​

Both the Hollywood Actor Jobs workshop/interactive lecture and PhilE’s new Entering Hollywood ACTOR INTENSIVE full-time talent employment SoCal residency at uses as their backbone & outline the writer’s Entry Level Acting in LA 2016: a hands on, new actor full-time employment workbook. Those who have read the Ebook prior to attending this Workshop will be the first persons allowed to ask questions.


"Thank you so much for leading a workshop at the CETA Conference!  We received very positive feedback, and it was great having you."

James Thomas Bailey, California Educational Theatre Association Past President

"There is information in this publication that I have already started implementing. The outcome has been amazing. By following his structured guidelines, I have increased my earnings as well as found ways to open more doors to opportunities."

Margaret Newborn, Hollywood Actress

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