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BlackMovieFest is proud to announce a new partnership with the World Film Fair!
The first outcome of these two international film festivals working together is that 2018 BlackMovieFest films won Best Short, Best Director, Best Vietnam Short & People's Choice Comedy Best Short AWARDS at the inaugural World Film Fair October 26-31, 2018 New York City Theatre District Event.
As well, BlackMovieFest has agreed to present the Best World Films Fair  single day short film marketing desert retreat of World Film Fair 2018 New York City AWARD Winning Films in Rancho Cucamomga, CA's Solamonte Movie Theaters. With past World Film Fair submitted films also being eligible for screening therein, the presentation of these AWARD Winning Films is being scheduled for October 11, 2019 to kick-off Indigenous People's Holiday weekend.
With multiple 2018 World Film Fair award trophies being presented to film makers on February 23, 2019 during the postponed 2018 BlackMovieFest Awards program, additional exciting aspects of this new partnership will be announced soon.

Click the image herein for information about World Film Fair.

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