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Proven Success in Full-Time Talent Employment

Through self-submitting without an agent, Phillip E. Walker has had gigs as talent in some nine hundred (900) different shoots or appearances during his first five (5) Southern California years. And that was from the very small "old Black guy" category.

Armed with the information in this Hollywood Actor Jobs workshop (HAJ) and Entry Level Acting in LA 2016 workbook (ELA), you can do much better than that.

Prepare yourself before coming to LA

With the Entry Level Acting in LA 2016 workbook supplying hands-on, through specifics in its extensive Preparation Chapter and Hollywood Actor Jobs workshop keeping that info up to date, there is little reason to come to the City of Angeles before one is ready.

A top hurtle that causes most new to Town performers to give up their Hollywood dream within two (2) years of their LA arrival is them coming unready to work in this unique environment.

digital photography & the worldwide web have dramatically changed actor employment

11/13/19 World Film Fair ~ Santa Monica, CA;

11/16 NorCal Debut ~ Chico Independent Film Festival-CA;

1/20/20 ASIAN Premiere ~ Jaipur Film Market-India;

1/22 & 23/20 Deep Sea Movies ~ Pune, India

3/10-14/20 AFRICAN Premiere ~ EKO International Film Festival - Lagos, Nigeria ;

PAST Sessions

WORLD PREMIERE Black Ensemble Theatre~Chicago, IL; BlackMovieFest~Rancho Cucamonga, CA (twice);

Black Underground Film Fest~Rancho Cucamonga, CA;

California Educational Theatre Association~North Hollywood, CA;

Film Actor’s Studio~Honolulu, HI;

Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase~Texas;

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival~Buffalo, NY;

Hyart Film Festival~Lovell, WY;

Producer's Club~New York City, NY;

Raven Playhouse~N. Hollywood, CA;

Twin Tiers International Film Festival~Norwich, NY;

Variety Film Fest.~Queens, NY;

World Film Fair~New York City, NY;

INTERNATIONAL Premiere ~ Zuni Guest House-Lisbon, Portugal;

     The guy in charge was a real help . . . I highly recommend . . . The communication was excellent.


       Fine Actor!



— Loretta Devine,

Hollywood Star

   The energy, commitment and dedication of the artistic director and his partners is phenomenal.


     Seasoned performer!




— Jermaine Thomas, Detroit, MI

1st Time Film Maker


— Sylvia Toy St. Louis,

San Francisco, CA

Experimental Performing Artist

— "'Twinkies & Root Beer' A Story of Compassion and Kindness"

Sandra Matthews-Sims

Huffington Post Entertainment Contributor, LA, CA

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