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Professional Comments
Teacher Comments

“There is information in this publication that I have already started implementing. The outcome has been amazing. By following his structured guidelines, I have increased my earnings as well as found ways to open more doors to opportunities.

As you read, apply Phillip E. Walker's guide to your career. Success requires a lot of hard work. Your use of this trade book will be an asset. Break-A-Leg!”

— Margaret Newborn, Full-Time Hollywood Actress

“Phillip's Hollywood work is becoming legendary.”

ARRAD, SKX - "Weekend Superstars" Music Video Director


“He is really good at this!”

— Lyle Miller, Actor/Administrator, Black Ensemble Theatre, Chicago, IL


“When Phil shows up for an audition we other actors just give up and go home.”

— Robert Whitehill, Hollywood Actor

“Samuel L. Jackson's got nothing on Phillip E. Walker"

— Francine Davis, Chicago Actress / Model

“We received very positive feedback”

— James Thomas Bailey, Past President

California Educational Theatre Association Past President led the 2017 Fall State Conference held at the Academy of Television Arts & Science (Emmy's Home)

“WOW! Simple / Practical Workbook.”

— Buddy Butler, Professional Director and

San Jose State University Radio, TV, Film & Theatre Professor

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