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Entry Level Acting in LA 2016

a hands-on new actor full-time employment workbook

Some new to Los Angeles actors who aspire to perform full-time will be astute enough to accomplish that task by simply reading and applying the employment techniques in this workbook. Such talent does not need first-hand instruction from the Sherpa. They only need this Text, in order to get to working.

ELA's Six (6) Major Chapters

Casting Networks

Well worth the nominal monthly fee

No other website has the number of self-booking gigs that LA Casting offers. And yes, size matters.

Housing Solution

If your living is not right, nothing else will be either

The author already lives in the perfect location from which to inexpensively work the total, very large Hollywood performer market. You'll be surprised by this solution!

Moving Higher Up

No one wants to do entry level work forever

This chapter predicted Walker's current meteoritic rise out of Entry Level Acting to the Unknown Actor, next level of success.



Click the above heading to read, at no cost, this Chapter to ensure that Hollywood Actor Jobs (HAJ) is the Workbook for you.

An edited version of this Chapter is also the backbone of the lecture section of the HAJ traveling workshop.

Central Casting
Go to work the day after completing the Central Casting-LA no cost registration. Actually practice Real World self-booking techniques during the workshop.

Ground Transportation

Working a different SoCal town most every day, in order to succeed, new to La La Land talent must master historically heavy traffic. The Book supplies practical, tried and true approaches.

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