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There is no limit to the number of students who can attend a HAJ session. The video clips played during the hour workshop keeps the entertainment level high. However, the more attendees, the less individual attention can be given.

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How many people can attend a single session?

Since USA child labor laws do not allow employees under age 18 to work full-time, this workshop is for adults only.

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Does This Work for Children?

No! But you must be Tolerant, Tenacious and Timely. Plus you will need the information in the Entry Level Acting in LA 2016 textbook and HAJ workshop to know where and how to apply those three Ts.

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Do I have to be talented for this to work?
Why has no one told me this stuff before now?

Because your mentors do not have the experience of working full-time as Hollywood talent. In fact, Phillip E. Walker is one of the few new actors in Town that does have that experience. And he understands WHY.

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Not possible. There's just too much work and not enough workers to get it all done. In fact, there is a shortage of reliable actors at Hollywood's entry level.

Is not the Sherpa afraid that his students will beat him to the jobs?

Yes, but it is true! That is partly because very few people in the Entertainment Industry believe that full-time entry level talent employment is possible. This fact leaves more jobs available for us who do know that it is true.

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Isn't this too good to be true?
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